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“I just work in admin”

I often hear clients say ‘I only work in admin’ or ‘I’m only a xxx’ or ‘I don’t have any achievements’ or ‘I was just part of the project team’. They see themselves as part of a team without a direct impact on the business and struggle to articulate their achievements.

Sometimes I’ll ask them ‘what would happen if you didn’t come to work?’ or ‘what would be the impact if you didn’t do your job properly’.

All of sudden they will come out with a long list of things that happen because of the job they do, and bingo 🙌 we have material to work with!

We all have a part to play no matter the role we do, and whilst we can’t all be responsible for bottom line increase in profits / sales / customers, all our roles contribute in some way.

If you’re struggling to think about achievements for your CV or examples for interview questions, you may want to ask yourself this question and you’ll be surprised by what you come up with.

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