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Good news during a redundancy process

Managing a redundancy consultation process is tough, and especially at the moment. No matter how compassionate you are, fundamentally there is no good news to share.

Being able to offer some outplacement support to individuals is one piece of good news.

This can be anything from writing a CV, a series of workshops, interview preparation, career coaching or a mix of them all.

Offering outplacement support has many benefits:

➡️ individuals receive help to prepare them for their career transition

➡️ access to practical support will help individuals to prepare themselves and stand out in a crowded job market

➡️ people who are offered outplacement support are more likely to think positively about their previous employer which impacts company brand and reputation

➡️ it shows you care enough to invest in your outgoing employees future

➡️ there is a positive impact on employee engagement for those who remain, they can see their outgoing colleagues are being supported

I offer support to suit a range of budgets on a group or one to one basis.

If you would like to deliver some good news during a redundancy consultation contact me and I’ll send you some details.

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