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It was your job and not you that was made redundant

In the consultation meeting for my second redundancy I heard the words ‘Your role is at risk of redundancy’ and immediately substituted this with ‘You are at risk of redundancy’.

I knew the script, I knew that it’s roles and not individuals who are made redundant and yet when I was on the other side of the table my reaction was the same as many other people in my situation, I took it personally.

Like most people I didn’t hear much after being told my role was at risk, the rest was just a blur.

Our jobs are more than just an income, they are part of our identity and contribute to our self worth which is why a redundancy feels personal and why confidence is often impacted by losing a job as it feels like we’ve lost a piece of ourselves.

I encourage my clients to remember the person with all the skills, knowledge and experience hasn’t changed as a result of the redundancy, you still have all that to offer and are still the same person you were before the announcement.

It’s not always easy to distance yourself from your redundancy, however the more you remind yourself it was your role and not you that was made redundant is one of the first steps in building confidence to finding the next role.

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