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Don’t let job titles put you off

Job titles have never really bothered me, my own or those of others.

One of the best job titles I saw was whilst living in North America. My son applied to be a volunteer swim coach at the local pool and was called for an interview by the ‘Director of Aquatics’ – who was essentially the person responsible for organising swimming lessons!

Job titles vary between companies and in my experience are a hugely emotive subject.

I encourage my clients to be open minded about job titles when looking for roles – a ‘Head of’ in one company could be the same as a ‘Manager’ in a larger business or even a ‘Director’ in a smaller business.

What’s important is the scope and impact of the role, does the job description sound interesting, will it give you the opportunity to influence key stakeholders and utilise your skills.

Look beyond the job title and don’t discount roles with job titles more senior or junior sounding than your own.

If your job title is important to you there may be flexibility in negotiating this if they were to make you an offer.

Job titles are relevant, however I’m sure we’d all much rather have a fulfilling job than a fancy title in a job we didn’t enjoy.

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