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Using an email signature when job searching

I like to recommend to my clients to set up a standard email signature when using their personal email address for their job search.

This helps to:

➡️ look professional

➡️ makes it easy for people to quickly find your contact details

➡️ is a reminder you’re taking a professional approach to your job search

Here’s how you can set it up:

Name – you could the add letters of any relevant qualifications i.e. MCIPD

Your job title i.e. Head of HR, or your profession i.e. Finance Professional or the description from the title of your CV i.e. Experienced Project Co-ordinator

Mobile number

Link to your LinkedIn profile

I would recommend having this on every email you send, you can set this up to happen automatically or just cut and paste if you don’t want it appearing on other personal emails you’re sending.

And it goes without saying that you need to have a professional sounding email address too. If your personal email address doesn’t sound professional you can set one up exclusively for your job search.

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