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Using LinkedIn to start networking

When you’re looking for your next role, asking for recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn is a great way to begin networking.

Don’t worry too much if your profile needs a bit of work, don’t let that stand in your way of reaching out to colleagues, suppliers, customers past and present. When your profile is looking fabulous it’s another opportunity to get back in touch.

Remember to personalise your message when asking for recommendations – it’s a chance to tell people about your situation.

Once you’ve received the recommendation there’s an opportunity for a follow up message thanking them for their recommendation and continuing with your networking:

“Thank you so for the recommendation I really appreciate it. My role with X comes to an end on Y date and I’d: love to have a virtual coffee sometime / am looking for x roles in the x area / be interested if you could put me in touch with others in your network / love to know if you have any advice …”

Your next message could be sending them an updated copy of your CV.

Asking for endorsements and recommendations not only helps to build your LinkedIn profile, it’s also a great way to get those networking conversations started.

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