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Being specific in an interview

It’s a fact that not all interviewers are good at interviewing. Some will have had training and chosen to ignore it, others will have forgotten it, and some won’t have had any training and always been bad at it.

If you’re not specific with your answers in an interview, bad interviewers won’t ask the probing questions to really understand what you’re saying and they’ll draw their own conclusions about your capability.

Here are some tips on how to be specific:

✅ Listen to the question so you can give a precise answer, this may not necessarily be the answer you’ve rehearsed

✅ Provide context to your answers: size, scale, timescale, hierarchy etc

✅ Talk about what YOU did

✅ Use ‘I’ not ‘we’

✅ Think about what the interviewer wants to hear – speak their language from the job description and make it easy for them to make the connection with what you’ve done and the problem they want you to solve in their business

✅ Make sure they know the impact of what you did, what difference did it make You can’t legislate for a bad interviewer, but by being specific you can make sure you leave them in no doubt of your capability.

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