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Notes in an interview

If you’re serious about doing your best in an interview you’re going to have prepared and made some notes. Having those notes to hand in an interview can help to boost your confidence and calm any nerves.

📒 I always remember working with a client who said that all her notes were in a little notebook and she would take it with her into an interview, put it on the desk and when she put her hand on her notebook she would feel a sense of calm and confidence in reminding herself that she had done her preparation.

📒 Some of my clients use flash cards, and the beauty of online interviews is you can have these pinned up around your computer.

📒 I’ve worked with clients who need to take notes in with them to help with working memory challenges.

Whatever the reason to take notes into an interview, just make sure they’re not distracting, and if you think you’ll need to refer to them during the interview then let the interviewer know at the start.

Taking notes into an interview shows the interviewer you’re serious and you’ve done your preparation.

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