What is outplacement?

Outplacement support is a range of services designed to support individuals who are faced with the loss of their job.  Accessing outplacement support helps individuals to process the change, focus on what they want to do next and move forward with confidence.

What services does outplacement include?

The range of services on offer includes:

• One to one career coaching (this can be used for building confidence, identifying strengths and skills, developing a plan for a sustainable job search, preparing for interviews and other topics to suit individual needs).

• CV writing

• LinkedIn profile creation or review

• Job search support

• Personality profiling

• Online and face to face group workshops including access to a suite of online resources

• Executive support

What are the benefits of offering outplacement support?

Outplacement support benefits those individuals who are facing an uncertain future after redundancy in helping them to navigate the job market, increase their confidence and find a new role to play to their strengths.  Going it alone after redundancy is tough and having support no matter how small makes a huge difference.

Offering outplacement support also shows those employees who remain that you’re prepared to do the right thing even in difficult circumstances which impacts on loyalty, retention and ultimately employer brand and reputation.  It’s a small world and employers who offer outplacement support show they care and are prepared to stand by their values.

What is our approach to outplacement support?

Whether we’re working with individuals or providing group workshops, our approach is focused on the individuals we’re supporting.  We know clients will have different needs and we work with you to understand how we can best support those who are at risk, whether that’s tailoring workshop content or focusing on individual needs with one to one support.

Can you cater for junior and senior level roles?

We offer a range of programmes and services and full flexibility over how you want to match this support to the needs of individuals and we have Executive support packages designed to support senior leaders.

How do I get started?

You can drop me an email or call to discuss your needs and budget and I’ll come up with a no obligation proposal. I understand it’s a difficult time managing a redundancy programme and individuals are keen to access support as quickly as possible, so if you’re happy to proceed we get to work straightaway.