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Face to Face Outplacement Workshop

A full day workshop designed to provide up to 15 participants with all the tools they need for a successful career transition.

Covering the entire journey:​

  • Understanding strengths, values, career drivers – what are your career highlights, what do you enjoy, what do you not want to do, understanding how your strengths align with future career choices
  • How to market yourself, leverage your network – what is your personal brand, how to position yourself with potential employers, understanding your network and how to use them to help you find work
  • How to write a great CV – what makes a CV stand out, what are employers looking for​
  • Using LinkedIn – creating or updating your profile and how to use LinkedIn to search and apply for jobs, contact recruitment consultants and approach potential employers​
  • Sources of job opportunities – exploring potential sources for jobs online, speculative applications and networking
  • How to succeed in interviews – what are employers looking for, how to answer questions, how to prepare, building confidence
  • Managing your health and wellbeing – strategies to help support physical and mental health during your career transition when looking for work

Participants receive a resource pack and access to soft copy templates such as CV, cover letter, email etc.