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Personality Profiling

Using the Trait Personality Inventory (TPI) one of our qualified coaches will provide a 2 hour debrief via video conference on the 13 areas of personality to help individuals understand more about their natural preferences and patterns of behaviour. 

The trait profile includes information on how these relate to 9 job related competencies which can help candidates when preparing for interview and in their job search for suitable roles.​

In learning more about their natural strengths and developing a plan around development needs, individuals will be able to use this information in helping them find a job which plays to their strengths and help increase their personal effectiveness in their new role. 

How does it work?

·      The questionnaire is online and takes around 15 minutes to complete.

·      A 2 hour feedback and coaching session will then be scheduled via video conference and a pdf copy of the full report is provided to the individual.