I connected with June on LinkedIn as from her profile and the work she has conducted, I could see that she would be a useful contact to have.

Some months later our Company was in the unfortunate position where, due to some restructuring we needed to also make some redundancies. I contact June to see whether she would be able to assist us to provide some much needed support to those employees affected. She was extremely responsive to my needs, tailoring a programmed just right for our business – being patient with me with my changing needs and always coming up with proposal that would work for us. The feedback I received from the people who attended the face to face workshop was excellent, with many commenting that she had brought a different dimension and forced them (in the nicest way!) to look at what they could do differently and to provide the with not only practical tools to support them in their future career goals, but also the mental fortitude needed to achieve these goals.

I would definitely recommend June and her colleagues as they provide the right level of support when a business is going through any restructuring programme.

This is a LinkedIn recommendation which can be seen on June Hogan’s profile here.

Meryl Bengtsson