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Notes in an interview

If you’re serious about doing your best in an interview you’re going to have prepared and made some notes. Having those notes to hand in an interview can help to boost your confidence and calm any nerves. 📒 I always…

Leaving Stories

By the time we work with individuals with outplacement support many are battered and bruised by their experience of redundancy.  Confidence can be low and many are anxious about an uncertain future. When we work on helping individuals to process…

June helped me navigate through quite a tough time in my career. Throughout the coaching June provided support and asked the right questions to guide me through the process of finding new work. Her style is friendly and reassuring and the sessions helped guide me through my negative experiences. Her sessions helped me build confidence and helped me to show myself and then potential employers my brand and skillset. In addition, June is well planned, punctual and a good communicator. June also has a great network of people within HR and recruitment which helped my search immensely.

As part of a recent redundancy package I was lucky enough to have the support of June’s career coaching services to help me search and apply for a new job role.

On making contact with June I was offered an introductory one-to-one Skype meeting where we could talk informally about my situation, discuss what I was looking for in a new role, and where best she could support me in the hunt for a new position. Following this initial meeting, June was able to offer me help in a number of areas: periodic one-to-one Skype meetings, support with searching for a suitable new role, help with updating my CV, and interview coaching sessions; all of which I took her up on.

I personally found the one-to-one coaching sessions to be the most helpful of the above services.  Without the periodic career sessions I think there is a tendency to drift and lose focus in what you’re actually looking to achieve, and what specific things you should be doing to land a prospective role;  in this regard having a work-coach to check-in with from time-to-time really helped me re-focus my activities and plan what my next moves should be.

Should anyone else be looking for some employment support, whether that be because of redundancy, or just because they feel they would like a little help with moving from one job/sector to another, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend June’s excellent career support services to them.

June stepped in at short notice to support us with a fairly uncomfortable restructure that resulted in some job loss. As painful and challenging as it was for managers and colleagues alike; the resoundingly positive and constructive feedback that we received about June and the programmes she put in place, pretty much saved the day.

Our colleagues felt supported, heard, inspired and excited about their future once they’d engaged with June and her team. Almost like a miracle worker, such a wonderful partnership was created with our business and I’m delighted at the support provided.

Now I’ll tell all my HR friends about June, knowing that they’ll be blown away just as we were.

This is a LinkedIn recommendation which can be seen on June Hogan’s profile here.

I was recently made redundant and fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to have an in office workshop on overcoming the job loss and career coaching to help me look for new employment.

The workshop was a chance to work with colleagues on finding out more about my character.  My strengths, weaknesses and explaining about the tasks I have come across in everyday life.

The career coaching was helpful in finding out about my personality profile so that I felt more confident.  I also managed to complete my LinkedIn profile through additional coaching.

Another area on which I was coached was interview techniques.  After a couple of meetings by video, I was more confident in going into an interview than before.

I would highly recommend using Wildwood Coaching for any needed career support as their classes are useful with their friendly and helpful staff and after class support.

The service I received from June was excellent. A very professional service which I’m very grateful I was put in touch with her. After being made redundant after 20 yrs in the same role the daunting prospect of job hunting / C.V preparation & interviews – June was so helpful with all of this process.

After helping creating a current up-to date C.V & updated my online profile. The task of getting interest from potential roles was much easier from her advise and guidance. June was great at identifying the important aspects specific to that job role interview. We practised mock interview questions likely to be asked which sounds straight forward but her analysis to get the best response was so valuable and give me so much more confidence in getting the right information communicated. We did this via video link which was so good to fine tune the best ideas & responses to what can be tricky interview questions.

All in all i’ve now been in a new similar role for nearly 3 months , which I’m enjoying very much. So I say very genuinely that I highly recommend the services offered by June. Again June, thanks for all your efforts in getting me back in employment.

This is a LinkedIn recommendation which can be seen on June Hogan’s profile here.

I connected with June on LinkedIn as from her profile and the work she has conducted, I could see that she would be a useful contact to have.

Some months later our Company was in the unfortunate position where, due to some restructuring we needed to also make some redundancies. I contact June to see whether she would be able to assist us to provide some much needed support to those employees affected. She was extremely responsive to my needs, tailoring a programmed just right for our business – being patient with me with my changing needs and always coming up with proposal that would work for us. The feedback I received from the people who attended the face to face workshop was excellent, with many commenting that she had brought a different dimension and forced them (in the nicest way!) to look at what they could do differently and to provide the with not only practical tools to support them in their future career goals, but also the mental fortitude needed to achieve these goals.

I would definitely recommend June and her colleagues as they provide the right level of support when a business is going through any restructuring programme.

This is a LinkedIn recommendation which can be seen on June Hogan’s profile here.